Last night off and on I tried my best to watch the debate. It was a joke. I woke up this morning thinking we have one choice to make as voters: Do we like the way things are going or do we want change? Is my life better and I want more of the same for four more years? That is where we are at folks. More of the same or change. Any vote for anyone else is actually a vote for the same. Anyone truly wanting to change we must vote for Biden. Love where you are at, vote for anyone but Biden.

I have already turned in my ballot to the election office. I have made my choice. Now I am asking you to soul search and do the same. Vote! Vote! Vote! It is in my view, the duty of the people. This is our time to be We the People. Please let the voice of the people be loud and clear on who we want to take us forward. This is our chance to speak. Let our voice be heard loud and clear. More of the same or change?

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