Trust, Faith, and Hope

Trust, Faith, and Hope

With Covid-19 we must hold on to our trust, faith and hope. This too shall pass. We will be changed by it, but it will pass.

The question is how will it change us? Will it make us angry and bitter or will we come out of it more loving?

We each must decide at each decision we face. Do we choose love or fear? We can choose to act out of one or the other but not both. We can let the fear of the illness blind us to the love all around us. We choose what we see. Dr. Dyer said, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”.

I know it is hard to see love in the real event of the loss of a loved one. But we must find it. We must use our trust, faith and hope to get us to a new day. Life will go on with out them. They will always be in your heart. This Covid-19 is the hardest way I can think of to lose a loved one. But with time, love, and tenderness we will get through it.

To prevent this loss, we must all love one another enough to wear our mask when we do go out. Limit our exposure as much as possible and be safe first and foremost.

As we do this, thinking of others, it will change us from fear to love, we will be using our positive trust, faith and hope and moving forward in peace and love.

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