TEDx Videos Off YouTube

Today, the best I can do right now is share three TED YouTube Videos. I hope you enjoy. The first one is by Libby Roderick and see the repeat of my favorite Song. The second is by a man named Tommy Emmanuel The Third is by Trance Bundy. I will let the speakers tell about…Read More


Right now, at this point in history we are in a soul-full time. I just finished re-reading the book “Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav. I feel our world is facing a soul-full point in history. I know in my personal life I am faced with choices. Live in fear or live in love.…Read More


Last night off and on I tried my best to watch the debate. It was a joke. I woke up this morning thinking we have one choice to make as voters: Do we like the way things are going or do we want change? Is my life better and I want more of the same…Read More

New Book is Ready, Almost

Lots happening on the release of my new book “Teamwork and Hot Buttered Bread.” It is live and ready on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. The Nook version is live on Barnes & Noble. We are just waiting for the hardcover to go live; it is being reviewed. Once all versions are live I…Read More