Stay in Today

Stay in Today

I read in my journal about the time when my husband of 42 years lost his 4-year battle with colon cancer. The one important lesson I can take from that time in my life is stay in the moment. All that I stressed about did not happen. All that I worried about did not happen. The story ended well. Yes, he died, but he also stopped all the pain and suffering he was in. My needs were met. I stressed over nothing.

Stay in the moment with this Covid-19 issue. We will make it. Make no plans. Just take it one day at a time. Stay home stay safe. Do on to others what you want done to you. Use your mask. Listen to the medical people. Use what you have wisely. Share and share alike. Leave that extra whatever for the next person. Take only what you really need. Let today take care of today. Tomorrow is unknown. Avoid setting high hopes on what will happen or not happen tomorrow. Above all never worry. Worry is wasted. Stay as much as you can in today.

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