Right now, at this point in history we are in a soul-full time. I just finished re-reading the book “Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav. I feel our world is facing a soul-full point in history. I know in my personal life I am faced with choices. Live in fear or live in love. I pray that I choose love in each choice I am making.

The universe, God, or whatever name you give to the powers that works in our shared universe is asking each of us to choose. We can stay the course of living in fear and all that brings, or we can choose love and all that brings. There is no judgement, there is free will and now is the time we must choose which path we want to be on. No matter the outcome of the election we will make that choice as a people. I pray for a choice of love.

In my personal life I am at a crossroad. I have a path in which I can see love and a path I can see fear. I have a history of living in fear and trying to end my life with suicide. I also have a history of love. As I write my story I can see where at times I, of my own free will choose to live in fear. I also can see time I choose to live in love. I can also see the pain or blessing that manifested in my choices.

Now I am at a point of living with and choosing which to let into my life. I can choose love of self and all that it has to offer, or I can choose fear. I woke this morning with overwhelming thought of fear and all that brings about. I am now putting my life in the hands that be and allowing what I see as my choice for love to be louder in myself talk. It is what it is.  

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