Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray

It is so easy to think of the world in terms of black and white, right and wrong. But when we look at the world in such a sharp focus, we lose the ability to see all the shades of gray that are also present.

It is like my issue of stopping the addiction to smoking. It looks like a black and white issue; I smoke, or I stop. For me to successfully stop, I had to accept the shades of gray. I had to talk to myself about the need for a smoke. I had to see the shades of gray in each issue to deal with them as they came. As I look for the shades of gray, I was able to talk myself out of smoking.

This is also true with all the issues we face in our daily lives. Nothing is really as cut and dry as we seem to think. Many issues we now face in our daily lives are full of shades of gray. We each must be open to look at the whole issue and look at all options.

It is like with Covid-19, we may be losing some of our freedoms, but in the process we are saving lives. It not a matter Rights verses no Rights. We still have choices and we still have rights. We just have to adjust to our new set of choices because it is truly a matter of lives saved.

Right now, is hard because we have a limited number of people in our society that believe different than the majority. We need to deal with these people as best we can and see the shades of gray when doing so. To lambast them and put them down is not helping. That is just adding fuel to the fire. A better approach in my mind is to ask, “What would Jesus do?” and to me, that opens the shades of gray. It calls for love and understanding. How did they come to the mindset they have? How have they been hurt by laws and rules in the past? Everyone has a story. If we are open to the shades of gray, we are more open to the story that comes with the person.

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