New Book is Ready, Almost

Lots happening on the release of my new book “Teamwork and Hot Buttered Bread.” It is live and ready on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. The Nook version is live on Barnes & Noble. We are just waiting for the hardcover to go live; it is being reviewed. Once all versions are live I will have the links installed on this website’s book page.

My new focus is writing the book on my mental health issues and experience. It is flowing so far. I know I am doing better because writing the story gives me joy and happy thoughts if anything. I am done wishing and crying about wanting something else for myself. It is my story on my health issue. And it is a health issue the same as my COPD is part of my overall health package. At last I have grown to the point of putting the words on a page is not causing great turmoil. It is what it is. The biggest issue I have is all the “I” usage. Still writing the way it comes out of my hands, the edits will change the “I” statements if they can be. It may just be such a personal story that they will stay in. For now, get the first draft done.

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