Happy Whatever

Happy Whatever

This is the writer of this blog, wishing you and your the best of this season of giving. Now I am really new to this powerful posting we love on this World Wide Network. I am very old school in a lot that I do. I am posting this one blog this morning – the day after Winter Solstice. I did step out of my warm home and I did look at the sky. I did it with love in my heart and with my family. I hope the star – planet we saw is what lead to the greatest story ever told?

What do I know today in my World, I must take a risk and go to the Doctor for what ever is wrong (is there something wrong?) with my thinking? Know my followers of this blog, there are comments that I must get help with from my very family that I saw the star with. Is this writer today in this World Wide Web okay, will she see love sweet love all day long? The Great Statement of I am truly guided by love sweet love is in my heart today and always. I bid you all on this World Wide Web Peace.

I will go out in my world today with love sweet love. Because I am alive today and that is all I really know for sure.

As the Author I want to be like is Peal S Buck, I truly read a story of hers when I was in High school. The book I read is called the Good Earth. It is my true greatest hope to be a writer of my life story with what I call a defective brain. Today, I will see my doctors and I will go forth is love sweet love and joy in my heart. Today, and that is all I truly know, is a good day to be alive and well on This Earth we all share.

My editor is still sleeping, please forgive my post that I did this morning, after all I depend on my editor to fix this blog. I just truly wish all of you that read this blog a heart felt Good Day, Go in Peace and love.

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