Goals and Affirmations

Goals and Affirmations

In an effort to become a better person, we can use goals and affirmations as tools to assist us. First, we need to understand what they are and how to use each one.

A goal is a statement about a desired result. A simple goal may be the desire to stop smoking. There are many ways to state goals. The best I have found is a SMART goal. A SMART goal stands for: Specific — Measurable – Attainable — Relevant – Timely. To write a SMART goal, we can break the goal into the five measurements and make a clear positive statement for each. Or we can make one statement that covers the five measurements. It is personal choice as to which one to use.

Now an affirmation is a clear statement to provide support and encouragement. They are best written in a positive first-person statement. Affirmations should be stated or reviewed each day. Some find it helpful to review key affirmations multiple times a day. The key to an affirmation is keeping it positive.

Now, we have the desire to stop smoking. The tools to help us achieve this desire is a good SMART goal and a positive first-person affirmation. Here is an example of the goal followed by the affirmation:

On June 1, I will stop smoking. I will use the patch and gum for 8 weeks to deal with the addiction.

I am a non-smoker.

In the statement of the goal we have addressed all the measurements of a SMART goal. Plus, the affirmation is a clear first-person statement that can be used throughout the day as we work to achieve this goal. I personally find using the two together helps me make the changes I want to make. The book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear helped me develop this combining of the two tools. I am happy to report I have become a non-smoker since developing this method of tool combining. It works.

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