Give a Little Love

Give a Little Love

Now as a nation we are faced with a great issue in the way people of a different skin tones then some us are treated. That is a problem in my view. It is a major problem. We need to each do our part to fix what is broken. For me, that means taking a hard look at my own bias and how a treat all my brothers and sisters. We are one human race with red blood flowing inside our different skin tones. No matter the skin tone we are beings of love, not hate. Hate is taught, love is natural.

We the People of this United States of America must come to terms with our history of misuse and abuse of other people because of their skin tone. Change starts within, and ripples out. To really give something you first must have that something. It is like a dollar. To give a dollar to another you must first have the dollar. So, it is with love. We are born of love. Life experience teaches us to shut it down, mostly for self. We lose that dollar and can longer give it away. Today in all this unrest and fear of the unknown, I ask each of my readers to give yourself a little love and compassion, so you have some love and compassion to give another. We all are suffering, it shows. Now is the time to care, start within. Let it ripple out and change the world to a better place. 

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