Finger Pointing

Finger Pointing

Have you ever taken a close at the hand when someone is pointing it? Did you happen to notice the three fingers pointing back at them? Point your finger and take a look. It is hard to point a finger without having the majority of the fingers pointing back at you. Have you ever had an argument with someone pointing a finger at you? Did you feel they have no room to talk and want them to stop?

That is a hard fact that we all must learn. When you point a finger, you have more coming back at you. Thus, the issue maybe with you. It reminds me of the Bible story of removing the rafter from your own eye before you attempt to remove the straw from your brother’s eye.

It is my personal goal to avoid finger pointing in my life. When I do find myself pointing fingers in my words or deeds to another, I stop and think “what am I trying to say? What do I need to learn about myself?” I find it interesting to watch the finger pointing in our election cycle. I always ask myself when the person I am supposed to vote for is pointing fingers with words. I listen on closely and learn more about the person doing the finger pointing. It is what I call the pot calling the kettle black. Many officials that wanted my vote, did not get it just because I was able to see into them and see the issue they are talking about really is a personal issue with them. So, in this election listen to the finger pointing in all the ads. Listen and learn who is the one you want to vote for. Whatever you do this year, vote! Also, listen to name calling and finger pointing with your open heart of hearts.

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