TEDx Videos Off YouTube

Today, the best I can do right now is share three TED YouTube Videos. I hope you enjoy. The first one is by Libby Roderick and see the repeat of my favorite Song. The second is by a man named Tommy Emmanuel The Third is by Trance Bundy. I will let the speakers tell about…Read More


Right now, at this point in history we are in a soul-full time. I just finished re-reading the book “Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav. I feel our world is facing a soul-full point in history. I know in my personal life I am faced with choices. Live in fear or live in love.…Read More

How Could Anyone

This song was the start way back in 1994 of me finding what I finally feel today and that is self love. I offer it to you today. It touched my soul deeply. Libby Roderick sings it and it is here on YouTube for all to hear. The entire CD that you can still get…Read More


Right now, our human story is calling for balance. To be extreme on an issue that we face, and we face many issues, is a problem. How do we work on our balance? I have a game for you that I find helps me when I am faced with an issue of balance in perspective.…Read More

What Goes Around

I have found what goes around, comes around in my life. There was a day when this rule of life really showed. I was talking with a group of people. One of them was telling the story of her stolen pickup. While she was talking, she reached up to take a candy bar that another…Read More

Make Changes

Right now, in our human history we are faced with a choice. We can ignore the basic human need for fundamental change and try to go on as we have been. Or we can address the needs of our fellow humans and help make changes. There is one law of human nature that we must…Read More