Awakening of the Sleeping Child!

Awakening of the Sleeping Child!

Right now, in my life, I am experiencing a dawn of new day of my soul. My life has been a dark night of the soul with a full moon for light. Sometimes that moon changed to no moon. At other times that light was almost as bright as day with a full moon and I found light to keep me going. There has been candles (other souls) that have relighted my bright candle and kept me going. I have a purpose in all this experience of my long, soulful night.

Today, I can finally see the dawn of a new day. It is always coldest before the dawn. I made it through this very dark night of my soul purpose. I can see the break of light that awakens the new day. I am on a journey. I am on an enlightening journey of the soul. For the first time in my life, I am no longer living in fear of the repeat dream, I had as wee child when no one around to help me with understanding my nightmare. Now I can see the love of that dark dream. I embrace that dark dream and I am ready to live it with love, not fear as I have in my history.

I am excited to see and feel the light of a new day. It is just dawn. There is a long way to go yet to be in the light of a full sunny day that I love, and enjoy and I may never see the full sun of this new day. I am planting winter wheat. Other souls will harvest the seeds I sow. I hope you will follow me on this journey. Please support me if you are so moved by reading the books I have written so far. There are many more to come. The one I am writing right now is about the journey I have lived in my dark night. I am the sleeping child; I have woken up.  

This book I am writing now is the hardest book I will ever write. But it is the one that I am meant to write. I will write it with love, and I refuse to put in it the darkness of fear. For the first time in my life, I am looking forward with joy to a new day. We are all connected. All that is happening is meant to be. Great Spirit will bring light to me (other souls), as he has always the brought me candles of other souls to light my path. I can and will bring light to this dark time we are living in. We all will see our dreams come to be in this new day of the soul.

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