About Me

Debbie Walkingbird is the second-born daughter in a family of five girls. She was a wife of forty-two years. She is a mother of two daughters and grandma to four. She enjoyed eleven years working in the computer industry for a “Fortune Five Hundred” company.

Debbie currently lives in Western Idaho. She resides in a quiet, rural area. It is the perfect place to find the peace and quiet to write and think. She spends time in her garden. She loves the wide-open space this area of Idaho offers.

Debbie deals with a mental illness that has her challenged, but she has been has to returned to the workforce part-time. She is in the process of writing about how she deals with it. One thing for sure is she takes her medication and flows with the cycles of her illness. Her illness gives her a great creative that she expresses in her use of photography, Photoshop and writing.

Her first book is a kid’s book, “Teamwork and Buttered Bread”. With a second “Thoughts of a Woman”, a book of quotes her mom left. Her third book is a expanded version of the kid’s book called “Teamwork and Hot Buttered Bread”. It will have drawing instead of photographs. It is due out in September of 2020. She is also working on a book that will be the story of how she has lived with her illness. She has a short story she is working on that may be offered only as an E-Book. We will have to see how that one goes.